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Company Profile

Founded in March 2003, Beijing Keji Consulting Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Keji”), one of the pioneers that entered CDM business in China, provides CDM project development services for enterprises, institutions, and government organs. Beijing Keji helps enterprises to develop and implement their CDM projects and acts as the selling agent of the CERs generated from their CDM projects registered by the UNFCCC Executive Board, seeking foreign financial support for environmental protection activities of domestic enterprises so as to promote social and economical sustainable development.


Expert Team

     Mr. Zhang Jisheng, chairman of the board of Bejing Keji, member of the Standing Committee of Consultative Conference of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, senior expert and renowned figure in China’s CDM sector, has long and rich working experiences in scientific research institutes, overseas bodies, large enterprises and government organs.

      An expert team of high standard embodies the core competitive edge of Bejing Keji Consulting. Led by Mr. Zhang Jisheng, this team is well-versed in CDM modalities and procedures, and the application and development of CDM methodologies. With diversified academic and professional backgrounds such as environmental protection, energy resources, engineering, project investment, enterprise management, international trade, finance, law etc, these experts have participated in many international cooperation and research programs, and maintained close contacts and frequent exchanges with world-class top consulting bodies and CERs buyers.


The scope of our business operation encompasses

1、    Technical service

       CDM training and consultancy

       Baseline and additionality study

       PIN, PDD and Monitoring Report making

       Assist to obtain the LoA of Chinese DNA

       Organize activities for collecting stakeholders’ comments

Assist to conduct the project validation, registration and verification

2、           Commercial service

      Project risk analysis and management

      Carbon market analysis

      Commercial advisory

      Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) negotiation


First Provincial CDM Consultant Organization in China

Ningxia CDM Service Center is the first provincial CDM consultant Organization in Chinafinanced by Beijing Keji.


Up to Dec. 31, 2007Ningxia Helanshan Wind Farm Project, the largest registered wind farm project in China, and Ningxia Shapotou Hydropower Project of Yellow River, the largest registered hydropower project in China, were developed by Beijing Keji. Besides, Keji has a number of other CDM projects registered or issued by EB.


Mature Cooperation Network

Through implementing a good number of CDM project activities, Beijing Keji has established a mature cooperation network with related organizations and entities including enterprises, governments, DOE, CER buyers, CDM research institutes and financial institutes.


Prime Service

Specialized in consultation on CDM activity, Beijing Keji knows well of the whole procedure of CDM project development and mastered core technology as well. Beijing Keji will provide clients prime service.

Flexible Cooperation

Beijng Keji provides service not only for the whole process of CDM project development, but also focusing on specified phase out of the whole process, meeting clients’ various demands.